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This is Playtomic's Anemone

This is Playtomic's Anemone

We, tech companies, don’t share a lot about our internals. But I think we should share more often, especially if we are proud of what we have built. So this a post about sharing (or bragging): let me introduce you to Anemone.

Anemone is the system that provides the data and operations to all Playtomic products. The Backend. It comprises 60 services, more than 150 instances, 3 different types of databases, 1 kafka cluster. All services share a common 1 core library (to rule them all) that provides common functionality as converters or security.

We wanted to build it so it is resilient, scalable, and easy to change. Sea Anemones inspired the name. They are capable of splitting completely on their own and keep living. Resilient beings. It’s a bit nerdy but beautiful.

I wondered how our anemone would look. So I asked DALL-E to draw it for me. And this is what it came up with. Again, a bit nerdy but beautiful. An Anemone made by Rembrandt, according to DALL-E