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2 years at

2 years at

Last February I made 2 years in Playtomic. Everything goes so fast that it feels like 2 decades. It goes so fast that I started to write this post 2 months ago.

There have been very stressful moments, most than peaceful. We have iterated versions and versions of our product and built a huge amount of software in this time. It has been an exhausting learning period.

So that I am writing this post to share some of the most important stuff I learnt here. Rest assured, I have gained tons of technical knowledge but those are not the most relevant

What I truly learnt from two years in a startup: we don’t discuss guilt but solutions. And solutions must be:

  • Fast to implement (because we don’t have the resources/money to hold up weeks on development).
  • Solve a problem. And user’s problems are more imperative than developer’s problems (don’t go for that fancy-time-consuming solution if a simpler one will solve it as well).
  • Good enough to solve those problems (don’t leave trash behind).
  • Open enough to be iterated in future releases.

I will writing several examples in future posts of this blog. The best sample? Our authentication system.