Yet another static blog

Welcome, it's great to have you here.

Yet another static blog

Hello there! Yes, another blog written in a static page generator. Just what the Internet needed.

Seriously. Why using a custom template and framework to do something that could be easily done at or

Ownership. Being locked in a platform (such as,,, has many drawbacks. Changes in the terms of use are the most annoying to me: price increases or changes in the features of your tier service (i.e, limiting the number of reads (i.e., … Besides, I’m tired of losing content every time I change of platform (or struggling in the migration process).

Having a repo with your code and posts make that contents truly yours.

Yes, it is slower to setup and you will have to invest some time in maintenance occasionally. But it pays completely in terms of control of your content.

So here I am. With a new shiny Gatsby site, a template written in TypeScript, whose code is hosted in GitHub and whose build is constructed and deployed by Netlify.

PD: This is gonna be full of typos. Embrace mistakes!